The Datai Pledge is led by Irshad Mobarak, the resort’s resident naturalist. Irshad is one of Malaysia’s most celebrated naturalists with over 23 years of experience in the field, all of which have been spent with The Datai. Inspired by the lives of pioneer explorers such as the legendary Alfred Russel Wallace and the renowned botanist, Professor David Bellamy, Irshad left a career in banking for a calling in natural history. A self-taught naturalist and an outdoor buff, Irshad originally conducted interpretative walks for The Datai.

Throughout his career, Irshad has appeared in and contributed to many nature documentaries for Discovery Channel, National Geographic and the BBC. He has also presented an inspirational TED Talk in the Ideas Worth Spreading segment. Irshad has also authored a nature guide that provides an insight into Langkawi’s rich natural history as well as hosted a mini-documentary series, both titled, Discovering Langkawi with Irshad Mobarak.

Irshad is based in Langkawi where he owns a successful nature excursions company and is a strong advocate for the conservation of Langkawi’s fragile natural ecosystems. He regularly visits local schools and provides talks, doing his best to instil a love and respect for nature.