The Datai Pledge programme, with activities developed in conjunction with our NGO partners, has been devised to benefit the welfare of the fauna, flora, natural ecosystems and communities within Langkawi.

Funding is required to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate and continuously optimise and further develop the programme. Considerable investment has already been made to set up the initiatives through the following – creation of an in-house bottling plant and production of custom-made recyclable glass bottles; construction of the Coral Nursery; construction of the Recycling Storage Centre, Organic Wealth Centre and The Lab; creation and cultivation of The Garden, construction of the Wetland Filtration System, the Worm and Hot Composting Farms; machinery to crush glass, plastic and chip wood; the Asher, an ingenious invention from Malaysia, to burn non-recyclable items and turn them into ash that can be used to condition soil in The Garden; the food compactor to macerate food waste; and finally, the practice of upcycling non-recyclable in-room items. Funding was also required to create activities with our NGO and social enterprise partners, as well as new guest activities related to sustainability learning and experience.

The chief contributor to the funding of The Datai Pledge is The Datai Langkawi. Other contributions come from guest donations, private donors and corporates.

Other sources of funding are received from: Educational activities for guests such as the Little Gardener, Coral of Opportunity organised at The Nature Centre, and a Day Out With Dolphin Researchers.

Nature adoption of a tree, coral, dolphin or wildlife corridor through a one-off or monthly contribution.

Sale of merchandise including upcycled products such as jewellery, soaps, candles, glass figurines and wooden crafts made by local artisans, and natural products like our stingless bee honey from The Garden.

A small optional supplementary contribution of MYR 40 per room per night is added to guests’ invoices. The net contribution of The Datai Pledge, excluding operating expenses for this programme, is divided equally amongst our NGO and social enterprise partners to fund their research, conservation and sustainability efforts.

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