The Atelier

At the lobby level of the main building, located next to The Boutique, is The Atelier.

In an effort to promote the cultural exchange of Malaysia's arts and crafts, The Atelier was introduced at The Datai and coordinated with the Society Atelier Sarawak for local artists to exhibit their creative artworks and conduct workshops or classes to share their creative techniques. 

Various activities and live art showcase will be made available, including batik painting, traditional weaving, local artefacts and many more.

Opening Hours: 0900-1900 hours 

July In-Residence Artist

Ezra Profile

1-15 July | Ezra Anak Rejam

Ezra who is of Bidayuh ethic origin from Sarawak left the corporate world to pursue her passion for beadwork accessories. She learned the intricate techniques of beadwork and has created a vast number of intricate accessories such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Her designs are relatively modern and inspired by the handcrafted ‘Tangu’ necklace whilst maintaining its original concept. Ezra will be conducting workshops for those interested in learning the art of beadwork.

Chim Yee Hui

16-31 July | Chim Yee Hui

Atelier Chim started with Chim’s fascination with leathercraft while working as an engineer. She learned the skills of leathercraft and eventually enrolled herself in the CAP Maroquinerie leathercraft program in Paris. Chim worked as a prototypist after graduating from the program. Through her years of experience, Chim’s craftsmanship evolved at an accelerated pace leading her to start Atelier Chim, specialising in bespoke leather crafts including wallets, cardholders, keychains and many more in 2018.