The Dining Room

Set beside the resort’s main pool and wreathed by towering fig trees in which resident Great Hornbills can often be spied feeding on the Strangling fig tree’s bountiful fruits, The Dining Room is a culinary canvas on which our chefs can present a spectacular cross-section of dining experiences, ranging from an international breakfast laced with regional delicacies, to elegant, chef-driven occasions.

You will find our lavish signature buffet breakfast here, including a made-to-order juice bar as well as several live stations, in addition to a-la-carte options, and it is also an ideal venue for a quiet lunch. The ambience and mood changes subtly in the evening as the restaurant becomes a romantic fine-dining experience, with candles reflecting off the pool, and signature dishes influenced by local ingredients.

Indulge in a gastronomic feast for the senses and savour our ten-course degustation menu specially curated by Chef Chai, and complemented by a hand-picked wine selection from our walk-in wine cellar. Believing in a multi-sensory approach to food, one that engages all the faculties and stimulates the emotions, Chef Chai bridges the fundamentals of contemporary European haute cuisine with cross-cultural techniques and the sensibilities of the Asian palate. His culinary style amalgamates a breadth of textures, aromaticity and ingredients, artfully innovating through utilising a more expanded range of flavours and intensities than a traditional degustation menu. Dishes, such as raw prepared Crudo served with coral seaweed, roe and onion dressing, are elevated or imbued with piquancy through the addition of aromatic herbs and spices, often picked straight from the resort's own Garden. The flavours of each dish resonate like a chord of notes – each note quite distinct, cascading effortlessly in layers, complementing or counterbalancing other flavours in a harmonious whole.

24 hour advance reservation required.

The wine cellar at The Dining Room holds one of the most extensive collections of old and new world wines in the region. Recognized every year with the prestigious Wine Spectator award, the cellar showcases more than 450 labels of the most discerning vintages, directly imported exclusively for The Datai Langkawi. Our resident Sommeliers will be happy to share their knowledge in a private wine tasting, or to assist you to choose the wine best suited for your meal. Our exclusive wine pairings for degustation menus or special events are hand-selected by our Sommeliers in close collaboration with our Chef de Cuisine. Be sure to visit the wine cellar and explore the range of vintages stored in precise humidity and temperature conditions.

Capacity: 40 seats 
Opening Hours: 
07:00–11:00 hours (breakfast)
12:00–17:00 hours (lunch)
19:00–23:00 hours (dinner)

Dress Code: Please refer to the dress code policy

Restaurant Policy: Video/Music on Digital Devices

At our restaurants, we strive to provide a comfortable and pleasant dining experience for all of our guests. To ensure that everyone can enjoy their meal, we ask that you please use headphones when playing videos or music on your digital devices.

If you must take a phone call or use your device for a brief moment, we kindly ask that you step away from your table to do so.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a peaceful dining environment for all of our guests. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a delightful dining experience.

Chef Chai - Senior Chef de Cuisine at the Dining Room
Chef Chai - Senior Chef de Cuisine at the Dining Room
Crispy Puff Wheat Bread and Herbs by Chef Chai - Degustation Menu
Vichyssoise and Catch of Andaman Sea by Chef Chai - Degustation menu
Tonka Cremeux by Chef Chai - Degustation menu

Senior Chef de Cuisine - Chef Chai Chun Boon

The Dining Room is led by Malaysian Chef Chai, whose experience embraces both the technical and experimental aspects of gastronomy, gained through working with highly esteemed chefs around the world, including at 2 Michelin-starred ABaC restaurant in Barcelona, the 3 Michelin-starred Oud Sluis in the Netherlands, and Santi in Singapore, the 1st restaurant outpost in Asia of late 3 Michelin star Chef Santi Santamaria.

Chef Chai’s culinary philosophy is based on working with the best of locally sourced ingredients from responsible producers, espousing a farm-to-table approach to guarantee natural freshness. He is delighted to find an extensive garden at The Datai Langkawi, with essential ingredients such as chilli, turmeric, ginger, ulam raja, and more grown for the resort’s dining services and ripe for the picking.

Chef Chai states his passion for sustainable procurement: “At The Dining Room, the cuisine is inspired by the locavore movement. Where possible, we use the bountiful produce grown locally and responsibly, nurtured by the terroir of the lands surrounding the Andaman Sea and their rich history of culinary traditions, peoples and cultures. The cross-cultural influence of the Nusantara period has shaped the cuisine in this region and combined with the use of herbs and spices sourced locally, we create nuances of flavour that aromatise and tease the palate. We do not confine ourselves with a set cuisine but are instead inspired to cook with what’s given and the talent available. We are inspired by the fresh buffalo curd 30 minutes down the road, sweet, tart seasonal pineapples from the hills, organic petite vegetable farmed specially just for us, humanely farmed organic chicken full of flavour and bestowing its essence into gulais and curries, and sweet rock melons and grapes matured generously under the heat of the Andaman sun.”