The Datai Pledge Impact Reports

We are pleased to present The Datai Pledge Impact Reports since 2020. These documents detail the achievements and people at the heart of The Datai Pledge since its soft launch in 2019, as well as our commitment to the continued development of the community, wildlife and paradise that surrounds us.

The Datai Pledge-Impact report-2023-cover

The Datai Pledge Impact Report 2022

“2022 was a year in which we made great strides on our programme and continued to expand our network. We kick-started our goal to become a carbon-neutral organisation with a comprehensive programme. Our community initiatives continue to go from strength to strength. From supporting local enterprises; to assisting underprivileged groups in making a living through sustainable endeavours; to funding community centres in kampungs (villages), which help residents embrace sustainable living and keep long-honoured local traditions alive; to supporting community-led recycling hubs.” Arnaud Girodon, Executive Administrator, The Datai Pledge | CEO, Datai Hotels and Resorts

The Datai Pledge-Impact report-2021-2022-cover

The Datai Pledge Impact Report 2021-2022

“The notions of unity and cooperation resonated when thinking of our work on The Datai Pledge in 2021. Faced with incessant travel restrictions, lockdowns and the temporary closure of the resort, our plans for the programme were severely impacted. It was largely owing to the strong spirit of collaboration that we were able to meet our core milestone targets and extend our network." Arnaud Girodon, Executive Administrator, The Datai Pledge | CEO, Datai Hotels and Resorts. This is the second Impact Report following the August 2021 official launch of The Datai Pledge. This report identifies significant measurable successes attained in key projects across all four pillars of The Datai Pledge, which aim to support marine life, terrestrial wildlife and local youth, as well as make the resort’s business operations more sustainable. Notable milestones include achieving zero-waste-to-the-landfill (and striving to do so consistently), prompting our first turtle landing in over 10 years by making our bay more turtle-friendly; beginning work on possibly creating a world-first, trans-island wildlife corridor; and sharing our expertise with a student for Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Malaysia RASMA programme.

The Datai Pledge-Impact report-2020-2021-cover

The Datai Pledge Impact Report 2020-2021

“The whole concept of travel has undergone a seismic shift. We have always believed that travel has the potential to be transformative; not only for the traveller but additionally for the host community.” Arnaud Girodon, Executive Administrator, Board of Trustees, The Datai Pledge | CEO, Datai Hotels and Resorts. This report of 100 pages details the very reasons for creating The Datai Pledge, the milestones accomplished and targets to be achieved for each of the four pillars, together with our partner non-profit organisations. At the heart of the operations are of course the many people who have made an impact through their dedication and rigour, and especially so in this trying period of time; Partners, Advisors, Pillar Leaders, Committee Members and Board of Trustees.