The memories of your wedding day will remain among your most treasured, whether it’s a romantic celebration on the beach or a traditional blessing. The Datai Langkawi’s long stretch of white-sand beach is a captivating setting for intimate weddings, celebrations, or other special events. 

The Datai Langkawi is undeniably beguiling thanks to its natural beauty. But what also makes The Datai Langkawi experience so compelling is our team's warmth, enthusiasm and dedication as they extend the true art of Malaysian hospitality to all who visit. 

Each of our weddings is bespoke, from the fine dining to the flower arrangements carefully coordinated by our onsite wedding specialist who will assist you with planning your ultimate, tailor-made dream experience. 

The Datai Langkawi is a place to indulge in both simple and sophisticated pleasures: to love, laugh and live in the moment, to appreciate fine food and luxurious accommodation. It’s all these things, and many more, that make The Datai Langkawi a truly magical wedding venue in Malaysia.