The Nature Centre

A tribal bamboo longhouse inspires the design of this unique open-air building at our nature resort in Malaysia. There is a library full of references to the natural world of Langkawi and Malaysia a lounge for guests to sit and listen to stories from the wild by our team of resident naturalists and marine biologists. There is also a Tea Corner serving specially concocted infusions created by the nature team with ingredients uniquely curated by the late Dr Ghani, Langkawi's well-known traditional Malay medicine guru, using herbs and spices from plants native to the rainforest. These concoctions are not only delicious but good for one's health.

An outdoor pavilion leads to a nature trail, taking you on a journey through three different habitats, which culminates at the top of an emerging Strangling Fig tree.

Opening Hours: 9:00-18:00 hours