The Datai Langkawi’s 750-hectare rainforest ‘back garden’ is every nature lover’s – dream. A place full of magic and mystery it has millions of years’ worth of stories to tell, and to be discovered. With everything from swimming in nearby streams and snorkelling in The Andaman Sea, to joining a captivating nature walk or creative batik workshop; guests will relish the freedom to explore this natural hideaway.

The resort offers an energetic array of complementary nature activities alongside award winning golf experience by Els Club Teluk Datai, cruise on-board Naga Pelangi, rejuvenating experiences by The Datai Spa and more.


nature excursions

Set in a pristine rainforest, believed to be at least 10-million years old, The Datai Langkawi is blessed with an abundance of plant-life and wildlife. The lush foliage around the resort is home to some of the most fascinating animals including the great hornbill, the dusky leaf monkey, the rare colugo (flying lemur of South East Asia), macaques, lizards, geckos and more.

Join our complimentary morning and evening nature walks, guided by the world-renowned resident naturalist, Irshad Mobarak. A passionate guide and conservation custodian, Irshad will open your eyes to Langkawi’s natural wonders. Alternatively, choose from our other nature excursions curated by Irshad and his team.



The Datai Langkawi is delighted to present Naga Pelangi – available for exclusive charter direct from the resort’s Datai Bay to explore Langkawi’s shimmering seas and captivating coastline.  The only resort to offer expedition-experiences onboard the traditional schooner, The Datai Langkawi has designed a selection of bespoke cruises – including private charters – to elevate its guest offering and showcase Langkawi’s beauty from a maritime-heritage inspired vantage point. Meaning ‘Rainbow Dragon’,

Naga Pelangi is a 97-foot, traditional wooden schooner-replica hand-built by its Nakhoda (Master Captain) Christoph, and his team of shipwrights, in the famous boat yards of Duyong Island in Terengganu. Made from Chengal Wood – found only in Malaysia, home to some of the world’s oldest rainforests – Naga Pelangi was crafted between 2004-2009, both for sailing pleasure and to preserve tradition. It follows time-honoured pinas design lines, while offering the finest in modern yacht fittings and finesse. These striking sailing boats have been conquering the South China Seas for centuries.  The Naga Pelangi wonderfully evokes a bygone time of pioneering discovery and fantastical adventure.



Bestowed the title the ‘World’s Best New Golf Course’ at the inaugural World Golf Awards held in November 2014 in Portugal, our award-winning 18 hole par 72 Championship Golf Course provides a grand game experience in one of the world’s most spectacular settings!

Designed by the golf legend Ernie Els as a tribute to the surrounding nature, the 47 hectare course is nestled in a 10 million years old rainforest with a magnificent backdrop of Matchinchang, a primordial mountain range with marbled peaks proudly reaching towards the sky. Stretching all the way to the coast, the course enchants with a mesmerizing view of the emerald green Andaman Sea.

To honor the natural surroundings, the typical bunkers have been substituted by natural ‘hazards’ in form of tropical vegetation and streams, and inspired by the wildlife you are likely to spot during your game, the holes carry names such as Dusky Leaf, Hornbill or Macaque Manor.

State-of-the-art club facilities, buggies equipped with GPS units, professional golf lessons provided by the Troon Golf instructors and bag tags personalized with engraved names avouch a truly sophisticated game experience.