The Pavilion

The beautiful Pavilion appears to float on the canopy of virgin rainforest thanks to its location atop 30-metre stilts, which allows far-reaching views over the beautiful rainforest. The award-winning Pavilion restaurant at the Datai Langkawi serves traditional Thai cuisine nightly in an open-air setting.

Created by our passionate Thai chef, the menu celebrates exquisite Thai cuisine cooked with the natural flavour of freshly harvested exotic herbs. An experience not to be missed, especially if you are lucky enough to catch sight of one of the elusive Colugo (Flying lemur) and enigmatic Giant flying squirrel in the surrounding treetops. 

Capacity: 40 seats
Opening Hours: 18:30–23:00 hours

Dress Code: Please refer to the dress code policy

Restaurant Policy: Video/Music on Digital Devices

At our restaurants, we strive to provide a comfortable and pleasant dining experience for all of our guests. To ensure that everyone can enjoy their meal, we ask that you please use headphones when playing videos or music on your digital devices.

If you must take a phone call or use your device for a brief moment, we kindly ask that you step away from your table to do so.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a peaceful dining environment for all of our guests. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a delightful dining experience.