In September 2020, The Datai Pledge was established as a Private Trust with the following objectives:

- To actively seek guests’ participation in sustainability initiatives and leverage this as part of the overall guest experience.
- To introduce innovative sustainability practices through integrating the hotel’s business operations with nature conservation.

- To help fund relevant Malaysian, and particularly Langkawi-based NGOs and social enterprises in their work to promote sustainability and conservation.
- To inspire and assist the local community in preserving the unique biodiversity of the island, through the promotion of sustainable practices as a source of income and a way of life.

Environment and Wildlife:
- To strengthen the natural beauty and unique environment of Datai Bay and Langkawi through the conservation and regeneration of fauna and flora and their habitats.

- To pioneer specific sustainable and ecotourism activities in the luxury hotel industry.
- To demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, conservation and ecotourism using the ecosystems at the resort as a platform for research, training and collaboration.

Visit thedataipledge.org to learn more about our goals and achievements.