Our oceans are an infinite source of wonder. However, unsustainable fishing practices in the seas around Langkawi have negatively impacted marine biodiversity through habitat destruction. The Fish For The Future programmes seek to address threats and imbalances to marine ecosystems. Integral to these programmes is the recognition that all the different audiences need to benefit – nature, fisheries, fishers and tourism. The Datai Langkawi, a sustainable hotel in Malaysia, is also working with the Department of Fisheries and the state government to gazette the bay as a marine protected area to safeguard the bay's coral reefs for the future.

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MareCet is dedicated to marine mammal conservation and protection of their habitats through community awareness and education, conservation action, and policy advocacy on a government level. 

In addition to our partner activities, we are also assisting MareCet with funding for their flagship initiative, the Langkawi Dolphin Research, on Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins and Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoises. The project investigates the distribution, abundance, ranging patterns, social structure, behaviours and acoustic ecology of these marine mammals, as well as their interactions with humans.


Coral Regeneration

We’ve transplanted numerous coral frames and coral nubbins into Datai Bay reef to boost the coral population, as well as inserted 5 Artificial Reefs, and will continue to build on this. Artificial Reefs are large steel devices providing a haven for fish to feed and populate as well as a settlement site for coral larvae. The Coral Nursery and Fish Tank help to provide a regenerative environment for coral fragments broken off reefs by boats or other human activity. Here, guests can also learn about marine life in Datai Bay. The corals rescued are rehabilitated in the Coral Nursery for up to six months before they are replanted onto the artificial reefs.

Sustainable Fishing

We’re working with the Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DOF) to help us reach local fishers and work with them to adopt a whole-systems thinking on marine environments and to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable fishing. The Artificial Reefs deployed at Datai Bay were designed to support sustainable fishing practices. Over 90 local head fishers have participated in engagement sessions with the DOF to promote sustainable fishing.

Adoption Programmes

In the Adopt A Coral programme, launched in February 2022, participants can adopt a vulnerable coral which is rehabilitated at our Coral Nursery and Fish Tank, and snorkel to plant corals onto the artificial reefs. Soon to be launched is Adopt A Dolphin with MareCet, where participants can adopt one of a selection of dolphins spotted regularly around Langkawi. All proceeds go towards supporting our NGO and social enterprise partners.

drone shot of the hotel and its rainforest surroundings showing the beach and the water

Other Effective Area- Based Conservation Measures (OECM)

In collaboration with Dorken Reef Resources (DRR), a team of marine biologists with broad experience in designing and deploying artificial reefs, Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DoF) and Fisheries Research Institute, we are working towards gaining Protected Area status under OECM (Other Effective area-based Conservation Measures) for Datai Bay. Together with our NGO partner, MareCet, we have identified a prime area within the bay and deployed a sonar recording buoy (in January 2024) to compile data and behaviours of Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin and other marine mammals, as part of our efforts to successfully attain Protected Area status.

“For countless generations the oceans have been the source of livelihood for many civilisations around the world, and it is a travesty that they are not being looked after as they should. Fish For The Future aims to preserve the health of the oceans.”

- Mukhris Mahadzir, Pillar Leader, Fish For The Future, The Datai Pledge | Senior Marine Biologist, The Datai Langkawi -