Sustainability Experiences

The Datai Pledge was conceived in 2018 to formalize our commitment to conservation and sustainability. Our philosophy is based on creating a mutually beneficial relationship between our business operations, nature and community, incorporating principles of sustainability and conservation in the immediate term, whilst putting in place longer-term ambitions around regeneration.

Explore how you can be a part of our programme by taking part in our sustainability experiences, and visit to learn more about our sustainable initiatives..

Stingless beehives

Bee a Beekeeper

Bees play an important part in our ecosystem as a pollinator for a variety of plants. Discover another type of bee in The Garden called the Stingless Bee or Trigona Itama. Learn how to harvest honey from the hive in a beekeeper's outfit and get a chance to taste the freshly extracted honey.

The Permaculture Garden

Permaculture Walk

The permaculture garden is a zero-waste organic food production system with a closed-loop waste management scheme. It represents our continuous journey towards enhancing sustainability within the property. Be introduced to the philosophy of permaculture gardening in this complimentary activity which is suitable for families.

Little Gardener

Get your hands dirty with our team to create a healthier and more sustainable community through composting and planting at The Garden. Let us turn waste into life with the help of creepy crawlies. Proper footwear is compulsory and insect repellent and sunblock encouraged.

decorated glass animals and candles on a wooden table

Upcycling Workshop

The Lab has been designed to host workshop activities and to showcase products from our sustainable initiatives. Part of The Datai Pledge conservation programme, learn how to breathe new life into old with soap making, candle creating and other upcycling activities.