White-bellied Sea Eagle - 14 years together at The Datai Langkawi and still in Love!


Guests that have stayed with us will usually see two species of birds of prey over the water in our bay - the White-bellied Sea Eagle and the Brahminy Kite.

Usually, by the end of this month or the first week in December, the White-bellied Sea Eagles will start to nest. The pair that nest on the large emergent tree nearby the entrance of The Datai Langkawi have been together for the last 14 Novembers.

White-bellied Sea Eagles mate for life. During the past 13 years, they have had a total of 14 young with 2 unsuccessful attempts at year one and year five. Last year they had 2 fledgelings which have now left to establish their own territories. Our resident pair is once again preparing to nest.

In the last 2 weeks they are exerting their territorial claim to the tree by leaving to go fishing a little later than normal. They are also spending more time in the day at the nesting tree rather than staying on a perch by a tree closer to the sea.

Each time another bird of prey flies close by their nesting tree the resident pair scrambles to the sky calls out loudly as if to warn the intruder that this is my tree so stay away.

They have even started to drop new twigs onto the nest and we caught them once doing the wild thing (copulation). I believe she has not yet dropped her eggs as she is not incubating in the nest as yet.

We will keep you posted when she drops and begin to incubate her eggs.

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