Mud lobsters

Credit:  Ryan Photographic

Mud lobsters are not true lobsters.

These secretive nocturnal creatures build miniature volcano like mounds from the mud around it. It feeds on organic matter found in the mud and have to process large volumes of mud just so as to derive enough nutrition. Their j shaped mounds can reach 2 meters below the mangrove water line. The filtered mud is then piled above its burrow and sometimes reach 3 meters high.

Credit:  Ryan Photographic

Eventually creating and minute island i.e land for the first time that is above the highest watermark. As more and more such mounds are created these unassuming creatures begin to alter the geography from one of seascape to one of landscape. Mud Lobsters are nature’s very own land reclamation engineers.

During daylight hours these creatures plug their burrow entrance with mud. they are considered as pest in aquaculture because they are able to weaken the retaining mud walls or bunds of the ponds. In some cultures they are eaten but here on the Island it is usually not.       


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