The Emerald peacock, Papilio panilurus, consuming nectar from Ixora flower.

Many species of animals undergo drastic changes while developing into their adult form. A tadpole turns into a frog, a nymph into a dragonfly. The type of animals that epitomises metamorphosis is the butterfly. Starting its life as a cute, perpetual eating machine, the caterpillar consumes a lot of food for its big change into a mature adult. While in its chrysalis, much of its body breaks down to form a liquid to fuel its metamorphosis. Genes that are responsible for a proboscis, antennae and wings are no more suppressed during this stage and is free to allow for its development to an extremely beautiful form.

Although the difference between the caterpillar and its adult butterfly form is like night and day, it is important to note that the genetic code of a particular species of butterfly remains the same throughout its life cycle. While The Datai Langkawi is not undergoing that drastic of a change as compared to the butterfly, one can still expect the blueprint of this resort to shine through when we begin our new chapter in the near future. Expect the same warm Malaysian hospitality, the delicious food, and magnificence of the natural surroundings we are situated in. We are The Datai Langkawi, always and forever.

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