Feast for the Dragons

Langkawi has just experienced the first signs of the impending wet season. High humidity and some rainy days the past fortnight have created a suitable environment for termites to roam out of their nests, many of which are flying reproducing individuals. This phenomenon has definitely excited the dragons of the rainforest – the flying lizards of the genus, Draco.

We observed these lizards glide from tree to tree feeding on the termites resting on tree trunks. It is such a delight to see them spread their patagium and ‘fly’, especially whenever one glides and lands on the tree right outside our office.

Other than being able to glide, these lizards are amazing at camouflage! A Draco can be feasting right in front of our eyes and yet, it goes unnoticed because of its bark-like skin texture and colour.

Maybe one day we will be ready and quick enough to catch them in flight!

Spot the lizard! The moss and lichen on the bark of the tree enhanced this flying lizard’s camouflage.

The Spotted gliding lizard, Draco maculatus, eyeing a primate with a weird appendage pointing at it.


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