Return to Your Natural Self

Immerse yourself within the restorative and healing rainforest and waters of Langkawi.

According to Malay traditional medicine, the morning is when the forest is at its best potential for measurable health benefits. The Malay people have for centuries been practising a natural principle of wellness and longevity called ‘Mandi Embun’ and ‘Mandi Maul Hayat’. This principle entails an early morning leisurely walk into the rainforest followed with immersing oneself into the wild waters of a pristine forest stream.

Studies suggest that ‘forest bathing’ is therapeutic and helps reduce stress cortisol levels and increases levels of Natural Killer (NK) cells in the human body, essential in the body’s defence against cancer cells.

The journey of Forest Bathing begins with a guided walk by our resident naturalist through the forest and continues with Senaman Melayu, a gentle, warming Malay exercise to stretch and strengthen muscles, coupled with guided breathing techniques. The walk ends with a swim in one of the many crystal clear, natural jungle pools. Immerse all five of your senses as you swim and play in Crystal Creek’s inviting and refreshing waters.