Malay Wellness Journey - Return to Your Natural Self

For centuries, the Malays have been practising a natural ritual of wellness and longevity called Mandi Embun (loosely translated as ‘bathing in the morning dew’ or ‘forest bathing’). Research from Japan shows measurable health benefits resulting from the phenomenon of forest bathing. Studies suggest that immersing yourself into the sensory environment of forests will cause a reduction in stress cortisol levels, moderation of blood pressure levels and enhance your immune system.

At The Datai Langkawi, our holistic practitioners have developed this ritual further, by combining it with other ancient forms of well-being to create a comprehensive half day ceremony that will leave you deeply refreshed and re-energized.

Your day will start at the break of dawn with a sensory journey into the rainforest surrounding Langkawi’s Machincang mountain formation. Be amazed at the early morning views of this ancient mountain before you enter the rainforest.

The walk ends at the edge of a forest stream where you will be led through some light breathing and stretching exercises before immersing yourself in the cooling waters of The Datai’s very own natural, crystal-clear jungle stream; this is the Mandi Maul Hayat ritual, the ‘bathing in the water of life’, believed to regulate your circadian rhythm to promote better sleep and increase your sense of well-being. Light refreshments of selected fruits, nuts and herbal teas will be served, before you start your trek back out of the forest, across the stream and over gentle hills and valleys.

Next, you will be invited to The Spa for a re-invigorating Urut Melayu massage designed to help loosen sore muscles and encourage healthy blood flow. Using our signature blended oils prepared with local herbs, this full-body, deep pressure massage involves long kneading strokes with thumb and palm pressures to improve an overall sense of well-being.

Bodily sustenance is provided by a nutritional lunch, created around the concept of the Enam Rasa, the six taste sensations including hot, sweet, sour, salty, bitter and astringent. Your meal will be served overlooking Datai bay, at The Beach Club.

The Malay Wellness Journey incorporating the Mandi Embun ritual has been recognised internationally for its unique qualities and was recently included in the top three Holistic Treatments of the Year, awarded by the Destination Deluxe Awards.

The Malay Wellness Journey is available on request and requires 48 hours advance booking. The activity includes a short rainforest trek as well as bathing in a jungle creek, so proper footwear as well as swimwear is recommended. The journey can accommodate up to six persons and is suitable for ages 18 years and above.