Malay Wellness Journey - Return to Your Natural Self

The Malay Wellness Journey is designed to restore and revitalise. It is based on traditional Malay practices that combine forest walks, stretching and breathing exercises, and traditional massage, followed by a nutritious lunch.

The Journey commences at the break of dawn with a forest bathing ritual, an ancient practice that is believed by the Malays to be the secret to longevity. The ritual involves a meditative walk into the ancient rainforest at the foot of the Machinchang mountain formation where you immerse yourself in the fresh morning air and evaporating morning dew that slowly vanishes from the greenery all around you. It is a journey to be enjoyed with all your five senses, listening to the morning chorus of birds and animals, sensing the aromas of the rainforest and the earth; observing the changing colours of the sunlight in the sky, the light reflecting off the landforms and the leaves, and the play of the sunlight as it dances through the green foliage around you.

At the edge of a languid forest stream, the forest therapy continues with Senaman Tua, a guided exercise to stretch and strengthen muscles, coupled with conscious breath-work techniques. This Malay practice of slow, deliberate physical movements promotes suppleness, strength and a peaceful state of mind.

These exercises are followed by Mandi Maul Hayat, an immersion into the cool and refreshing waters of Crystal Creek, a spectacular jungle stream. Mandi Maul Hayat, the ritual of ‘bathing in the water of life’, is believed to regulate circadian rhythm to stimulate improved sleep and well-being. As an added benefit, Crystal Creek flows through a unique combination of shale and quartzite. Clear quartz is known to be a purifying stone that works against free radicals, improving the clarity of skin and acting as a source of rejuvenation.

Light refreshments of seasonal tropical fruits, nuts and herbal teas are served before the walk out of the forest.

At The Spa, the journey progresses with an invigorating Urut Melayu massage to reduce muscle tension and encourage healthy blood flow. Using our signature blended Akar oils, this full-body, deep pressure massage involves long kneading strokes through applying pressure with the thumb and palm. The programme concludes with an Enam Rasa nutritional lunch. Meaning six flavours, Enam Rasa refers to the six taste sensations of Malay cuisine - hot, sweet, sour, salty, bitter and astringent, where each sensation activates and abets a particular area and function of the body. These six taste sensations are incorporated into the menu to create a balance of flavours for digestive health and other benefits.

The Malay Wellness Journey has been recognised internationally for its unique qualities and holistic approach to well-being.

The Malay Wellness Journey is available on request and requires 48 hours advance booking. The activity includes a short rainforest trek as well as bathing in a jungle creek, so proper footwear as well as swimwear is recommended. The journey can accommodate up to six persons and is suitable for ages 18 years and above.