Naga Pelangi is currently not available.

Discover the hidden beauty of Langkawi on board the Naga Pelangi. We have curated a selection of bespoke and exclusive cruises including discovery and sunset cruises to explore Langkawi’s breath-taking landscapes.

Malay sailing boats evoke a bygone era of pioneering discovery and fantastical adventure. The Naga Pelangi, a 30-metre, traditional wooden Malaysian junk schooner, has been crafted both for sailing pleasure and to preserve tradition. The Naga Pelangi is made from chengal wood, found only in the Malaysian Peninsula, and was built by Captain Christoph and a team of shipwrights in the famous boatyards of Duyong Island in Terengganu.

Create lasting memories of your time in Langkawi aboard the charming Naga Pelangi.


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