Minute Lion

Did you know that lions are present at The Datai Langkawi? Ferocious and feared by many, meet the tiny but deadliest predator in the insect world - antlion nymphs.

Equipped with a powerful jaw and flathead, these creatures set up funnel-shaped death traps on the finer sand to trap their unsuspecting victims. The antlion larva first draws a circle on the sand. It then starts to dig a pit about one to two inches deep and one to three inches wide, ploughing through the sand with its oval abdomen and tossing out additional sand or debris with its square head. The trap is complete when they bury themselves at the base of the trap so that only their jaws protrude.

The funnel-shaped trap is angled in a way where preys will not be able to escape the moment they venture inside. The antlion nymphs are quick to seize any small insects using its jaws and will plummet sand towards its prey, creating an avalanche effect that causes the prey to slide right into the lion's jaws.

Want to see these mini beasts in action? Swing by The Nature Centre or join our Minibeast Discovery activity to learn more.