Love is in the air

Unlike most of Peninsular Malaysia, we go through a distinct dry season here on Langkawi.

This dry season usually begins around the last week of November or the first week in December and usually lasts about three months, three months of just blue skies and very little rain. This condition is very stressful for a ‘rainforest’ and when these trees do not get enough rain, it triggers the start of the flowering process.

Some trees need three weeks of no rain to start its process to flower, while others may need up to three months to begin that same process. Then there are those that need the shock of the first substantial rains after the big dry season before they begin to flower. So the flowering season on Langkawi is slightly staggered and the same for the fruiting season that follows.

Nevertheless, we are fast approaching the start of the dry season and therefore the flowering season.

Many animals, especially the birds and mammals, choose this time of the year as the season of love and courtshipbecause when their babies arrive, it will arrive in time for the season of plenty: Plenty of food for the parents and plenty of food for the new arrivals. Also, plenty of food for the others: The insectivores will have plenty insect pollinators around, the herbivores will have plenty of flowers and fruits soon to be about, and for those that eat herbivores… just as well.

Already some of the birds are busy establishing their territorial rights over their nesting trees, while others are just beginning their courtship song and dance routines.

I look forward to this time, every year. It is my most favourite time as the songbirds are singing, and some others like the White-rumped shama perform a lovely song and dance routine, while the Dollarbirds put on their impressive aerobatic show.

All this is happening just now, all this just for her.

It is the most amazing and impressive time to be on the Island.

Literally ‘Love is in the Air’.


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