All drains lead to the ocean

Gill, the Moorish idol (Zanclus cornutus) in the animated movie Finding Nemo, said something very profound. Although mentioned in the context of escaping their saltwater aquarium in a bid to return back to the ocean, the quote in the title of this entry should serve as a vital reminder to all of us, that what we do on land, we do to the oceans.

A pair of Moorish idols feeding. Photo credit. This fish can be found in the coral reefs in Datai bay.

And in nature’s “cyclic” theme, what happens in the ocean, will affect us terrestrial organisms, even in areas thousands of miles away from the closest coast.

In an endless journey of surviving as a species, let us remember to be environmentally conscious, whether directly or indirectly, this Ocean Day, and strive to be part of the biosphere!

This is a short clip of the small coral reef a short swim from our beach.


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