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Live Auction In Support of Save Wild Tigers

Step into a realm of enchantment and benevolence as we present The Datai Langkawi x Save Wild Tigers Gala Dinner, an event of grandeur and purpose. Set amidst the verdant rainforests and pristine beaches of Langkawi, join us on a night that celebrates nature's majesty and champions the cause of tiger conservation. Prepare to be captivated as the night crescendos with the live auction, an event that brings together philanthropy and excitement under one roof.

Many of these items have been generously donated to the Save Wild Tigers (SWT) organisation. SWT will manage the auction and logistics, and will allocate all profits resulting from the auction to their Malaysian tiger NGO partners, Rimau and The Habitat Foundation.

Based in Perak, Rimau works with the orang asli in developing highly effective accountable anti-poaching programmes. The Habitat Foundation works in Pahang supporting various tiger conservation programmes including the new Al-Sultan Abdullah Tiger Reserve representing a significant new opportunity in bringing about a wild recovery of the Malayan Tiger. Additionally, SWT develops educational and awareness programmes across Malaysia whilst supporting the New Royal Tiger reserve in Pahang.

For more information, please visit their website:
RIMAU Malaysia
The Habitat Foundation
Save Wild Tigers

The Datai Langkawi - 3-Night Stay

Bid for this 3 night escape at The Datai Langkawi in a lush Rainforest Villa.

The Ruma Hotel - 2-Night Stay

Bid for this luxury 2 night stay in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, just steps away from the Petronas Twin Towers.


Bid for this exquisite Tiger Family Figurine from Comyns, one of the world's most iconic silversmiths.


Bid for this one-of-a kind piece of art exclusively designed by contemporary colour pencil artist, Sharon SS Kow.

Sanjitpaal Singh - Image of a Malayan tiger

Bid for this captivating and exclusive one-off image by award-winning Malaysian wildlife photographer Sanjitpaal Singh.

Lotus Arts de Vivre - hand crafted double collection

Bid for this stunning double collection, an elegant hand crafted teak root bowl and a cheese board or cutting board.

Christine Das - Hand Painted Malayan Tiger

Bid for this painting entitled Anugraha Chaya, made exclusively by Christine Das, a renowned contemporary artist.

Roberto Cavalli - full sequin dress

Bid for this stunning Roberto Cavalli full sequin dress.

Piers Bourke - 3D Malay Tiger Series stamp artwork

Bid for this impressive 3D Malay Tiger Series stamp artwork. Using progressive print and painting techniques, this is a reworking of the Federated Malay State postal stamp of 1901.


Bid for this unforgettable 3 night adventure for two persons on the luxury 'Eastern & Oriental Express'.

Terms and Conditions

The Datai Langkawi & Save Wild Tigers Gala Dinner (“Auction Event”) is organised by Save Wild Tigers and we, The Datai Langkawi, are the venue host of this Auction Event. This Auction Event shall be subject to the terms and conditions set out below and Save Wild Tigers shall be fully responsible and liable for all matters in connection with the Auction Event. 

  1. To place a bid, please e-mail your bid amount to
  2. Your bid will be registered and you will be informed of any subsequent higher bids
  3. All online bids need to be received via e-mail by 27 September 2023. All final online bids received will be entered into the live auction at The Datai Langkawi gala dinner auction on 29 September 2023
  4. Winners will be informed following the gala dinner and payment will need to be made by 13 October 2023 before auction lots can be released to the winners
  5. All e-mail bids placed shall be considered as legally binding offers and bidders will be required to sign an auction bid acceptance form and return to the organiser by e-mail prior to the 29 September 2023 gala auction, otherwise e-mail bids will not be accepted
  6. The usage or redemption of the auction lots may be subjected to further terms and conditions that may be imposed by relevant suppliers or sponsor of the auction lots
  7. All profits from this auction will go towards Malaysian Tiger conservation programmes and will be split accordingly - 10% to Save Wild Tigers Malaysia, 50% to RIMAU Malaysia and 40% to the Habitat Foundation Malaysia
  8. Any shipping and insurance costs are not included in the winning bids. These costs will be the responsibility of the auction bid winner