The Atelier

At the lobby level of the main building, located next to The Boutique, is The Atelier.

In an effort to promote the cultural exchange of Malaysia's arts and crafts, The Atelier was introduced at The Datai and coordinated with the Society Atelier Sarawak for local artists to exhibit their creative artworks and conduct workshops or classes to share their creative techniques. 

Various activities and live art showcase will be made available, including batik painting, traditional weaving, local artefacts and many more.

Opening Hours: 0900-1900 hours

September In-Residence Artists

1-15 September | Junainah

Junainah is of Melanau ethnicity. The Melanau comprise an aristocratic society which used to have a strong bead culture. Healers used beads in healing and purification ceremonies while specific types of beads are worn for marriage ceremonies and funerals according to his or her status in a traditional hierarchy. Modernisation of life has influenced the use of beads and only a selected few like Jun kept the tradition alive since her teenage years. Her beads handicrafts are mainly necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from glass seed beads.

The Atelier Sept 19 - Damaris Penan Basket Weaver

13-31 September | Damaris

Damaris is of Penan ethnicity from Sarawak. The Penans were known as forest nomads, as they would move from one place to another in search of food resources. They are also highly skilled in weaving, especially with rattan (the fibres of wild palm) to weave baskets and mats. Damaris is a representation of the modern Penan woman, whom kept the weaving tradition alive since her teenage years. She specialises in weaving traditional baskets and modern handbags with Dayak motives. Join Damaris to learn the art of rattan weaving.

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