Echoes - Stunning original artwork by Sharon SS Kow

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Sharon SS Kow is a renowned contemporary colour pencil artist in Malaysia. 

Having worked with colour pencils for over 10 years, her unique style of art gravitates towards realism where she pays utmost attention to details, values and nuances. Sharon has won numerous awards and her artworks have been featured internationally and across Malaysia.

The deliberate omission of lush greenery in the vast spaces surrounding the tigers serves as a profound artistic purpose, transcending mere aesthetic considerations. In this intentional void, the viewer's focus is unerringly drawn to the evocative expressions gracing these majestic creatures. These tigers do not don the intimidating visage of fearsome predators, nor do they wear the mask of hunted fear. Instead, their countenances convey a poignant curiosity – a curiosity that beckons us to peer deeper into their souls.

In their eyes, we discern not the immediacy of the hunt but rather a profound longing, a longing that seems to transcend the confines of the canvas. It's as though they strain to catch the distant whispers of their ancestral forest home, their ears attuned to the siren call of the wild. Their gaze pierces the present, reaching towards a far-off horizon, a place filled with memories of the forest they once called home.

Yet, it is precisely this lingering uncertainty that permeates the atmosphere, casting a shadow of introspection over the viewer. What do these tigers hear in the rustling leaves of the unknown? What memories do they grasp onto, and what futures do they foresee? Will they, like the fading echoes of their ancestral realm, become indistinct, fading into the annals of time? The viewer is left with a tantalizing ambiguity, a reflection on the delicate balance between the resilience of nature and the fragility of existence.

Dimensions & information: 
- 76.2 (W) x 55.88 (H) cm
- Faber-Castell Polychromos colour pencil on 300gsm hot pressed Arches archival paper

To learn more, please visit Sharon SS Kow's website.

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