Christine Das - Hand Painted Tiger by Wildlife Artist

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This painting delves into the poignant narrative of the Malayan tiger, whose future hangs in the balance as shadows of uncertainty loom. As a species, we, the humans, bear a profound responsibility for its current plight. Yet, within this responsibility, we also possess the power to bestow upon it a precious gift - the gift of Light. But this is not merely a light of hope, which can sometimes feel passive and distant. Rather, it symbolizes a beacon of collective action, a call to arms for us to unite and make a difference.

The presence of the firefly within the painting adds depth to this narrative. In the natural world, fireflies emit their radiant light for two primary reasons - for mating and as a defense mechanism against predators. Similarly, our collective action can serve as a beacon for the Malayan tiger, illuminating a path towards a brighter future, one where the specter of extinction is replaced by the promise of survival and thriving.

Christine Das explains that through her artwork, entitled ANUGRAHA CHAYA, we are invited to contemplate our role as stewards of the natural world and recognize that we hold the power to bring about positive change. It is a reminder that, like the firefly, we can shine brilliantly even in the face of adversity when we come together with a shared purpose. Through collective action, we can offer the Malayan tiger not just hope, but a tangible path to survival and prosperity.

Dimensions & information:
- 107(W) x 107(H) cm
- Acrylic on canvas

To learn more, please visit Christine Das's website.

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